Friday, March 1, 2013

Kitchen Cabinet Design Tips

Building a kitchen cabinet is a certain satisfaction when the results make residents become more comfortable when in the kitchen alone and prefer to spend time in the kitchen. For most Europeans or Americans, dry kitchen and wet kitchen are usually separate.

Before you learn more about the function of each part are we better see specific things that need to be considered when designing a kitchen cabinet.

1. 3 types of key items that should be in the kitchen washing the container (kitchen sink), cooker (stove) and the fridge (refrigerator). Put the three types of goods in the area of ​​a triangle with a total distance of up to 6 meters.
2. Kitchen sink should be in the middle area of ​​the kitchen cabinet because it is the most used furniture. It's better if placed near a window for light and better air ventilation.
3. If you need to add additional equipment, such as dishwasher (dishwasher) should be placed near the sink (kitchen sink) and distance microwave / oven is not far removed from the refrigerator.
4. Number of doors on each cabinet (especially the kitchen cabinet with the module system) depending on the width cabinet. At least one door does not exceed the width of the door height.
5. Use the 'false drawer front panel' for the table difficult enabled to drawer. For example, the section below the kitchen sink.
6. Do not place a high cabinet in between the three main types of furniture.
7. If the plan of the room demanding to make cabinet face, keep the minimum space between two table top cabinet is 120 cm.
8. If you want to put a dishwasher in the corner of the cabinet, leaving at least 50 cm away from the wall for easy access to treatment.
9. If you want to add a microwave, should be placed on top of the cabinet with a height between 90-125 cm from the floor.
10. Smoke detector (scanner smoke) should be put in the kitchen.